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Il Cantinori opened its doors in 1983, and has been at the forefront of Tuscan cuisine in New York City ever since. The majority of our original employees are still with us. Owned by Steve Tzolis, Nicola Kotsoni (of Periyali, Bar Room, Amali and Bar Six), and Frank Minieri, the restaurant continues to beat the odds. An ever-changing menu is one key ingredient of this success. While staying true to many of Tuscany’s classic dishes, the restaurant maintains an ever-growing database of innovative preparations that change with the seasons. With a great deal of history behind us, we are able to select literally hundreds of recipes that have served us well in the past, as well as staying in step with the times. The Italians have a saying: “Use the best possible ingredients, and do as little with them as possible”. That continues to be part of our secret. Tuscan cuisine is healthy cuisine.


From our salads and appetizers, to our pastas and main courses, we strive to bring freshness and purity to our menu. We are also able to accommodate special requests - both in terms of altering our preparations, and with a desire to provide a wonderful meal to those of our customers who have special dietary needs. In this way, we are completely “user-friendly”, and this approach has proved to garner us a loyal following over the years.


The staff at Il Cantinori has never been better, or more informed about what it is that sets us apart. We are not the least bit stuffy or terribly formal. We know many of our customers by name, and work hard to make their stay with us a pleasurable one. We have watched them grow along with us, and have often had the distinction of serving their children, who we may have known from infancy. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that we have been around long enough to watch our customer base cross generations. We now have a full-circle feel to our efforts, and it is always a pleasure to come to work knowing that our efforts are appreciated and in continued demand.


We have also had the great privilege to host weddings, birthday celebrations, corporate functions, holiday gatherings and just plain family outings. We are able to seat up to 125 people at a time in our two dining rooms, and have hosted many memorable events over the years. Our floral arrangements are second to none, and the comfortable, rustic environment that we provide lends an air of simplicity and casual elegance to the proceedings. Along with our extensive wine list, we are able to provide a complete dining experience for our customers.


-Steve Warren


Picture of waiter in skylight room
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